Air Conditions for Sale : LG : Split : Portable AC : Samsung : Cheapest Prices in UAE
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Air Conditioners for Sale in UAE

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Air Conditioners for Sale in UAE
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Air Conditioners

Weather in United Arab Emirates

The United Arab Emirates is located in the east of the Arabian Peninsula in the southwest of Asia, and because of its location, it has very hot weather that reaches 47 Celsius which is unbearable in addition to the humidity because it is close to the sea. As a result, United Arab Emirates become one of the most importing and air conditioners manufacturing countries in the world. There are many types of air conditioners with many different features and specifications, in addition to the existence of many air conditioners manufacturing companies in the United Arab Emirates.

Definition of Air Conditioners 

Air conditioner is a device that is installed in the rooms or cars etc., and it is managed by electric power, to reduce the temperature in the summer and raise it in winter. The air conditioner is used to change room temperature, therefore, air conditioners vary and many of them are suitable for homes, and some of them are suitable for companies, others are suitable factories or even commercial centers, etc. But overall, they all are similar in their basic principle of operation.

Air Conditioning Operation

Air conditioning is a simple operation that depends on R-22 and R-401 gases that transform easily between the gas state and the liquid state. The air conditioner pulls the hot air and humidity out of the room and circulates it through pipes filled with refrigerant gas, and then the hot gas is expelled and the air is returned as cooled air to the room again through the air jet.

Air Conditioners Manufacturing Companies

As we mentioned there are many types of creative air conditioners, therefore, many leading brands are responsible for manufacturing air conditioners in the United Arab Emirates such as Samsung, LG, and Sharp, etc. Those companies manufacture brilliant air conditioners with high quality and amazing features in addition to the precision of their operation.

Air Conditioners Types

Some of the air conditioners are electricity savers, and some are environmentally friendly, and others are specialized in air sterilizing, no matter what is the type you are searching for, stop being confused and visit OpenSooq Website, you will find your required product.

Air Conditioners Disadvantages

In spite of the great advantages of air conditioners in changing the temperature of any room, they have some disadvantages including health issues such as Respiratory system diseases, chronic diseases, skin issues, and headache, in addition to the damage that the expelled gases cause to the environment which affect the weather and air clearness as well as the bad smell of its gases.

Air Conditioners Price

Air conditioner price in the United Arab Emirates depends on its type, weight, quality, and its brand, and of course, some other features and criteria which affect its price. But it could be ranged between 200 and 4,000 Arab Emirates Dirham, this range almost includes the prices of all types of air conditioners. Their price is affordable but it’s not a choice wither to have an air conditioner or not if you are staying in the United Arab Emirates, but it’s a must to avoid the hot weather and high humidity in that area.

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